11 Cult Russian Beauty Products

Russia’s beauty industry is growing, and in just a few years the country has seen the appearance of numerous innovative brands and successful beauty projects. For beauty fanatics visiting Russia, here is a list of brands and their products that you can’t miss.


Berezka Lab

Packed in stylish bottles made from dark violet glass, Berezka Lab is all about organic cosmetics. Using only USDA and Ecocert certified components from the USA and France, the founder of Berezka Lab, Dana Sagidullina, creates all formulas herself. Try their green scrub mask and anti-oxidant facial essence based on 15 oils.

Chop Chop

The team behind the most famous barbershop in the country, Chop Chop, also has a line of beauty products for men. It has everything a guy with a beard could wish for: waxes, clays, shampoos etc. Try their daily shampoo with bergamot and Chop-ChopClay Pomegranate.


Honey is full of precious and healthy elements, which can benefit every part of the body, and this is the key of success behind Lipko-Sladko. It started off as a honey shop and moved into the a beauty line. The brand’s many items are all based on one key ingredient: honey. The honey wax for hair ends is especially good.

Pure Love

As often happens in the beauty industry, the impulse to create your own cosmetics line arises when you can’t find a perfect fit from what already exists. The founder of Pure Love started creating products just as a hobby, giving creams to friends, and then turned this passion into a business. Pure Love offers a wide range of products for the face, hair and body. Try the hair mask with broccoli oil.

The Chayka Shop

Products from Chayka Shop go far beyond the average soap. Their products combine different shapes and forms. Chayka Shop offers true art objects rather than just trivial soap.


This brand from Samara supports local farmers, who also provide most ingredients for their beauty line. Once gathered and processed, the ingredients are turned into natural cosmetics by Katya&Co. Try the natural soap, “Tryn Trava”.

Natura Siberica

One of the biggest players in the Russian beauty market, Natura Siberica has gained a respect and authority on the international level, too. It started off as a brand using the power of precious herbs and natural ingredients from Siberia. Natura Siberica has since expanded its line and now has products of all kind, from introductory to professional. Don’t miss their yak milk products.


Mood offers amazing products for those who love spending time in the bath. Bath salts by Mood have all the elements to make bath time perfect: funny names (pina colada, coca cola etc), bright colors, fresh and tasty aromas and all based on natural ingredients.


If you, just like the founder of Samosvet, are struggling to find a light and discreet cream, you should try this line. None of the products have artificial-looking colors, the whole line is created to highlight the natural beauty. Products are based on natural components and don’t clog the pores. Make sure to try their stick concealer and hydrating lipstick SPF 10.


IFECTA started as a cream recipe and was created for a small circle of friends. The formula proved to be so effective that the creators decided to start up a brand. Currently, IFECTA offers two creams: “My Perfect Cream” is created to battle the first signs of aging and is recommended for women 25-45 years old, whereas “My Magic Cream” offers treatment for those aged 45+, as it helps skin regain elasticity and reduce wrinkles. The first effects of the Magic Cream may be seen after six weeks.


This professional-level line caters to the whole body. SB-26 is known for its effective formulas, democratic pricing and colorful, minimalist packaging. Pay special attention to their sugar scrub, foot cream and anti-cellulite essence cream.

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